Label Evaluation 4.0

Label Matching is one of the most important task of FMCG, Pharma, Beverage or any other packaging company Because it involves customer satisfaction, government obligations and authenticity of product, incorrect labels Can lead to harsh implications such as lose of consumers , government penality and even closure of factory, so naked Eye inspection can not be the solution for this problem, that’s why we have come up with Label Evaluation 4.0 which is based Upon idea of industry 4.0, LE 4.0 scans any label and compares this with the master copy stored in software and gives the result as :Match ,Mismatch, Pass and Fail.

Key Features

Flexible Develoyment

Stand Alone Operation

Report Generation

Highly Efficient

Highly Accurate

Affordable Cost COST


Pharmaceutical Industry

Beverage Industry


Governement Agencies